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OpenText Business Network

Integrate, manage and securely exchange data across people, systems and things to gain an information advantage

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In the digital economy, information is currency. Leaders stand apart from laggards in their ability to capture and leverage data for an information advantage. Organizations must start with a strong foundation—digitized, cleansed, integrated, secure and compliant data.

Data integration and management within the enterprise and beyond are complex. There is an explosion of data sources and cloud applications in use and a growing number of standards and communications protocols that do not coexist. The competitive gap between companies using advanced technologies to harness this data and companies still reliant on legacy tools not designed for this data complexity is widening.

The digital economy requires the use of modern business networks to integrate, manage and exchange data across people, systems and things. OpenText Business Network accelerates the information advantage to deliver the best customer service, new sources of revenue and increased speed to market.

The newly enhanced Trading Grid platform allows companies to introduce a unified integration strategy to integrate people, systems, applications and things.

What is a business network?

A business network is a cloud platform that connects and manages all data, within the enterprise and outside the firewall. Securely connecting data with people, systems and things enables streamlined business processes and delivers new insights and value.

Business networks lay the necessary foundation for turning data into actionable insights. Delivered as a cloud service, they enable data integration, data management and secure data exchange across an increasingly complex network of on-premises and cloud applications, connected devices and business partners or customers.

The 6 components of the digital business integration platform

OpenText Business Network overview

OpenText Business Network is a modern cloud platform that helps manage the full data lifecycle, from information capture and exchange to integration and governance.

Business Network solutions establish the necessary digital backbone for streamlined connectivity, secure collaboration and realtime business intelligence across an expanding network of internal systems, cloud applications, trading partner systems and connected devices. OpenText™ Integration Managed Services combines industry leading technology with expert people and proven processes to enable customers to focus on their core business, not data integration and management complexity.

What’s new in Business Network 20.2

  • Single unified integration service

  • Sustainable, ethical supply chains with Global Partner Directory

  • Self-service onboarding, mapping, support

  • Best in class data visualization with Lens

  • IoT geofencing for connected supply chain

Learn more about the new Business Network features in the launch blog

OpenText Business Network solutions

  • Digital business integration

    Connect, manage and secure all data within the firewall, between cloud applications and from external data sources.

  • Data management and security

    Provide easy to use data virtualization, data governance and data quality tools, such as match-merge and de-duplication. Data security includes data tokenization services to protect sensitive data (PCI, PII, PHI), while enabling the protected data to be analyzed.

  • Supply chain optimization

    Optimize Procure-to-Pay and Order-to-Cash process collaboration and automation across the supply chain ecosystem. Enable visibility into purchase order status, inbound shipment timing and invoice status to deliver an optimal customer experience.

  • Digital fax

    Consolidate and digitize disparate and paper-based fax systems with an integrated digital fax solution that automates and integrates the exchange of business-critical documents on-premises or in the cloud to increase productivity and lower operational costs.

  • Omni-channel communications

    Simplify communications with customers and prospects through a single, unified secure messaging platform for outbound SMS, email, voice and fax communications.

  • Identity and access management

    Create and manage user accounts, roles and access rights for individual users, systems and things within an organization and across an extended digital business ecosystem. Offers information security and user collaboration that goes well beyond traditional transactional information sharing with context-aware identity management.

  • Industrial Internet of Things

    Manage access, lifecycle and relationships of connected devices to create new business models and drive operational efficiencies with a flexible, secure identity-led industrial IoT platform.

  • All Business Network products

    Business Network is comprised of many products and solutions, including several from acquired companies and some in active maintenance mode. Discover all Business Network products.

Wheel of Business Network solutions

OpenText Business Network benefits

  • Speed time to market

    Rapidly onboard new suppliers, comply with customer requirements and support new industry or regional standards to reach markets quickly. Speed time to market with an existing global community of more than 800,000 connected trading partners.

  • Increase productivity

    Focus on the core business of the organization, not information exchange and integration complexity. Automate manual processes and transactions to boost productivity, accelerate business processes and free up scarce resources.

  • Reduce cost

    Digitize manual, paper-based transactions to reduce errors and the cost to resolve them. Consolidate overlapping, disjointed systems onto a single, modern cloud platform for a single point of visibility and control. Extend internal teams with OpenText experts and processes.

  • Reduce complexity

    Centralize all information exchange and collaboration to send information in any format to all the organization’s trading partners, customers and other stakeholders through a single Business Network connection.

  • Improve decision making

    Gain visibility into transaction intensive processes with operational and business metrics. Manage by exception to focus on critical issues before they impact the business.

  • Ensure data compliance

    Comply with customer, industry and country data mandates by automating and applying business rules to transactions and other information exchange. Secure and control information flow with full auditability.

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